Coaching Services

Coaching and the Arbinger Process

In the Sustain phase of the Arbinger change process, our coaching workshops help leaders practice an outward mindset in their own work and as they implement changes in their organisations.

Coaching for Sustained Change

Arbinger coaching help leaders successfully lead outward mindset change efforts in their organisations. It both equips leaders to apply outward mindset approaches in their own work practices and helps them think strategically about how to ensure an outward mindset spreads and gains traction within their teams and across their organisations.

Executive Coaching

Suggested level:

Virtually every organisation has a need to change various aspects of their operations to help ensure their employees work with an outward mindset over the long-term. Arbinger consultants work with organisations to assess their policies, practices, structures, and procedures and determine which may be inviting or rewarding an inward mindset among their employees. After recommending changes that will reinforce an outward mindset and reward results-focused, collaborative behaviours, Arbinger supports leaders as they plan and roll out new systems and policies.

Coaching and Mentoring with an Outward Mindset

Suggested level:

This tele-course helps leaders coach and mentor their reports using the tools and frameworks learned in the Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset workshop. Participants learn to become more effective as mentors and coaches and how to invite more accountability in their direct reports. Participants practice their skills with their cohort group over the 15 weeks of the course and receive personal one-on-one coaching with an Arbinger coach. The workshop is designed for organisational leaders with a basic foundation in Arbinger’s ideas who seek to build on that foundation to improve their leadership effectiveness.

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