An Overview of Arbinger Oceania In-House Workshops

Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset

Suggested level:
Executives, leaders, and staff

In this workshop, participants discover the extent to which they have been operating from an inward mindset. With a new understanding of the negative effects of this inward mindset on their effectiveness and relationships, participants begin wanting to adopt an outward mindset approach in their work. They then learn…

This workshop is highly interactive. Key concepts are taught through discussions led by an Arbinger-certified facilitator, and the course is punctuated by videos, individual and group exercises, one-on-one sharing, and application of the tools to participants' on-the-job situations.

Outward Inclusion

Suggested level:

Arbinger’s Outward Inclusion programme equips organisations with the tools to address the mindset and behaviours that get in the way of creating the culture your organisation needs. Outward Inclusion guides participants through a process of self- discovery to help participants uncover bias and become equipped with practical tools to create an inclusive workplace that celebrates diversity and fosters real belonging.

Outward Leadership

Suggested level:
Leaders and executives

This workshop is designed to significantly advance leaders’ abilities to implement outward mindset ways of working within their teams and organisations.

It equips leaders with a suite of 38 practical tools to ensure they and their employees are working with an outward mindset. Participants are equipped to use all 38 tools and leave the workshop with a specific plan for implementing the tools to address their pressing organisational issues.

So that leaders can quickly reference and apply the tools, they are grouped into four categories and listed in a Workplace Situations Index containing 30 common situations faced by leaders and their teams.

  1. Collaboration Tools
  2. Accountability Tools
  3. Conflict and Relationship Tools
  4. Supervision Tools

Outward Mindset Customer Growth

Suggested level:
Any and all members of an organisation who are involved in marketing, sales, or service/product delivery.

Outward Mindset Customer Growth instills a sales mentality in all members of an organisation. Participants review the organisation’s current and prospective customers and clients, then identify what they believe to be the best growth opportunity from each group.

Using Arbinger’s outward-mindset customer growth process, participants work together on each identified “Target Customer” and “Target Prospect” opportunity. They collaboratively build growth plans for each opportunity, including specific 30-day action plans.

The workshop is designed to be repeatable at whatever cadence an organisation selects—quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

The Outward Mindset in Education

Suggested level:
This course is designed for educators, educational administrators, school board members, and support staff.

In this education-focused workshop, participants explore the fundamental mindsets that drive behavior in educational institutions and systems. They discover where they have been operating from an inward mindset and how to turn more outward. In Teaching with an Outward Mindset—participants apply the outward mindset tools to their work as educators.

Train-the-Trainer Workshops

Suggested level:

For individuals who want to help lead the implementation of an outward mindset approach within their organisations.

Arbinger Oceania offers in-house train-the-trainer workshops for the following workshops:

  • Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset
  • Outward Leadership
  • Outward Mindset Customer Growth
  • Outward Mindset in Education

Train-the-trainer workshops are intensive experiences that equip participants with a deep understanding of the relevant workshop's material and its implications within organisations. Participants explore the material’s application to organisational issues that affect the workshop’s audience and learn to deliver core concepts, frameworks, and tools in the most relevant and engaging way.

Upon course completion, participants are prepared and certified to facilitate the selected workshop within their organisation to employees of their organisation for whom workshop materials have been purchased.

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