Arbinger’s work reveals two distinct mindsets from which people and organisations operate, (1) a self-focused Inward mindset and, (2) an impact-focused Outward mindset. Studies show that organisations who focus on mindset change at the outset of change initiatives are four times more likely to succeed in change efforts than companies who focus only on changing behaviour. Arbinger has a 40-year record of helping change efforts by implementing an Outward mindset culture in three steps, (1) mindset change, (2) leader development, and (3) systems improvement.


It can be challenging and impractical to reach front-line staff through an in-person training experience, when implementing an enterprise-wide mindset change intervention. Perhaps they work in shifts or simply can’t be away from their daily responsibilities for a full day or two. This programme is intended for such employees. It introduces them to the Outward mindset language and concepts so they can understand and contribute to the mindset shifts taking place in the wider organisation. This programme also works well as a refresher for groups who have already experienced the two-day in-person training.


OPTION 1: This online programme utilises video modules to facilitate inperson group sessions facilitated by a discussion leader. The discussion leader should have attended the in-person or virtual Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset (DIOM) programme. It is recommended that they also would have attended the 2-day Outward Leadership (OL) programme. In each module, participants will watch and discuss a video. The session concludes with an invitation to apply the specific module’s concepts between sessions as a team and individually. Participants are invited to report on team and personal applications at the next session. It is suggested that the roll-out of this programme should be initiated after mindset change has already taken root in the larger organisation. It is most effective for front-line employees to experience this programme after their leaders have completed the Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset facilitated programme and are working with and demonstrating an Outward mindset themselves.

OPTION 2: This online programme may also be used by individuals on an on-demand, self-paced basis for self-study. In our view, this programme is most successful when experienced using Option 1, with the social element of gathering regularly in groups—ideally once per week to watch the videos and discuss the concepts together.


Session 1: Two Mindsets
Session 2: Inward Ways of Seeing Others
Session 3: Mindset and Behaviour
Session 4: Collusion—The Inward Cycle
Session 5: The Outward Mindset Pattern
Session 6: Outward in All Directions
Session 7: The Influence Pyramid
Session 8: The Path Forward

There is an additional eight sustainment videos available to be used after completing this programme.


OPTION 1: Participants will receive a downloadable and printable (PDF) participant booklet and access to all the applicable videos and discussion questions. The discussion leader(s) will, in addition, receive a downloadable and printable (PDF) discussion leader guide, six preparation videos and printable sustainment posters (PDF).

OPTION 2: Participants will receive a downloadable and printable (PDF) participant booklet, access to all the applicable videos and discussion questions and printable sustainment posters (PDF).


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