Process for Executives

Executives who want to establish outward-mindset collaboration and accountability across their organisations begin by completing the individual and leader tracks. Arbinger then works with these executives to appropriately adjust organisational systems, processes, and strategy to invite and reward outward mindset ways of working. Organisational improvement is measured through periodic assessments; success is defined by measurable progress toward organisational objectives.

Executive Process Stages


After completing the assessments and trainings on the individual and leader tracks, levy an Organisational Assessment to set a baseline for your organisation’s collective mindset, culture, and performance.



There is no training element to this track.



Adjustments to key systems and processes happen through a consulting process with Arbinger. Arbinger can also lead a strategic planning and execution process, if needed.



Repeat the Organisational Assessment at agreed-upon intervals to track progress and set priorities.



Arbinger recommends outward mindset mentoring and coaching for key executives to position them to successfully lead outward mindset transformation throughout the enterprise.


Tools and Outcomes for Executive Track

Systems & Process Adjustment

An in-depth assessment of policies, practices, and structures with recommended adjustments and implementation consulting to ensure systems and processes reinforce outward ways of working.

Strategic Planning & Executions

This collaborative process enables the development of organisational objectives, strategies, and implementation plans to create cross-functional alignment and embed deep accountability.

Executive Mentoring

One-on-one or executive-team mentoring includes a guided self-analysis of improvement areas and a plan to apply Arbinger’s mindset-change and leadership tools. An Arbinger mentor assists in the implementation of these changes.

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