Process for Individuals

Individuals engage with Arbinger by completing the individual track outlined above. In the Step 2 training, they learn how to deploy three sets of workplace effectiveness tools that foster self-awareness, collaboration, and accountability. Ongoing improvement is sustained though systematic application of these tools and resources. Periodic assessments of performance and mindset measure progress against the Step 1 baseline as well as individual performance goals.

Individual Process Stages


Take the Arbinger Mindset Assessment to set a baseline for individual mindset and perception of organisational mindset.


Participate in the Developing & Implementing an Outward Mindset training by attending a public workshop or a workshop delivered in your company.


Utilise the digital accountability and collaboration tools.



Re-take the Arbinger Mindset Assessment.



Practice self-accountability, including engaging your manager in ongoing performance conversations.


Tools and Outcomes for Individual Track

Self-Awareness Tools

Six tools to overcome a self-focused inward mindset and more consistently work with a results-focused outward mindset.

Collaboration Tools

Eight collaboration tools help individuals and teams plan, work, and resolve differences more collaboratively and effectively.

Accountability Tools

Three accountability tools help individuals clarify their roles and hold themselves accountable for their impact on others.

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