Process for Leaders

Leaders who wish to increase collaboration and accountability in their teams can complete the individual-track training with their team members and then participate in Arbinger’s Outward Mindset Skills for Leaders workshop. This workshop equips leaders to guide and support their team members using structured performance conversations and application videos that continue to build collaboration and accountability within their teams.

Leader Process Stages


After completing the individual assessment and training, take the Arbinger Leadership Assessment.



Participate in the Outward Leadership training by attending a public workshop or a workshop delivered in your company.


Use outward mindset leadership and management tools to manage the work of your teams and help your team members grow in their abilities and responsibilities. Lead the eight-week digitised (video) sustainment workshop in team meetings over a two-month period.



Re-take the Arbinger Leadership Assessment.



Engage in regular executive coaching to enhance and sustain your leadership skills.

Tools and Outcomes for Leader Track

Collaboration Tools

Accountability Tools

Conflict and Relationship Tools

Supervision Tools

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