Training Services

Training and the Arbinger Process

In the Train phase of the Arbinger change process, we provide world-class training that sparks a deep motivation to change, as well as the tools required to improve.

Training that Changes Mindset

Arbinger’s training workshops prompt participants to become deeply aware of their mindsets and discover the implications and impact of an inward mindset on their work. Arbinger’s workshops also equip participants with practical tools for implementing an outward mindset approach on an ongoing basis. These workshops can be delivered directly by Arbinger facilitators and/or by client employees who are trained and licensed to deliver Arbinger’s workshops within their organisations.

Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset

Suggested level:
Executives, leaders, and staff

In this workshop, participants discover the extent to which they have been operating from an inward mindset. With a new understanding of the negative effects of this inward mindset on their effectiveness and relationships, participants begin wanting to adopt an outward mindset approach in their work. They then learn…

This workshop is highly interactive. Key concepts are taught through discussions led by an Arbinger-certified facilitator, and the course is punctuated by videos, individual and group exercises, one-on-one sharing, and application of the tools to participants' on-the-job situations.

Outward Mindset Skills for Leaders

Suggested level:
Leaders and executives

This workshop equips leaders with tactical management tools that ensure they and their employees continually work with an outward mindset. Participants learn to assess their own effectiveness in growing and developing their teams. They also learn how to manage in a way that promotes an outward mindset throughout the employee life cycle, from selection and hiring to onboarding, orientation, and ongoing performance management. The workshop includes a performance management process and tools that make it easier for leaders to effectively approach employee correction and even potential termination, enabling leaders to develop employees who hold themselves accountable. This self-accountability is far more effective and motivating than the standard approach in which leaders hold their employees accountable.

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