Arbinger Oceania Facilitator

Mark Tang

Client Solutions Specialist

Based in Gold Coast, Australia

Mark is a passionate entrepreneur and former radio host (550 KTSA), that has started, owned and operated several businesses in Australia and North America over the last 25 years. As a young fella Mark played State Basketball, AFL and cricket. He enjoys playing the saxophone and clarinet both which he learned as a kid. He had a business degree and currently works for the Arbinger institute. He discovered the Arbinger Institute while living in San Antonio Texas. He originally came across the material for “personal family” reasons, but quickly learned that the principles could be applied to all his business interests.

Fast forward several years and Mark successfully sold both his Australian and American businesses and now works delivering material and training for Arbinger Oceania. The principles and tools had such a profound impact on Mark that he moved back home to Australia and currently assists the local licensee of Arbinger spreading the amazing philosophy across the nation.

The Arbinger Institute list of clients includes Nike, Microsoft, IBM, Harley Davidson, Boeing, Google, Rio Tinto, Shell, US Army Medicine and many, many others. They currently work extensively across several sectors including, Government, Healthcare, Public Safety, Education, Corporate and non-profit.

Mark enjoys volunteering with several addiction recovery programs and has lead a youth group for over 20 years though his local church.

Mark’s extensive business experience is complemented with a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours from Griffith University. He recently had his thesis published in a British academic Journal.


He has been married to the love of his life (Chantelle) and has four sons.


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